Finding a Position

How do I apply for a position with an agency the Commissioned Corps serves?
Candidates that have been professionally boarded may apply to vacancies within the agencies that the Commissioned Corps serves. Visit Where We Work for a full list of the agencies we serve.

The primary location to apply for vacancies is through USAjobs. Please note the following while using USAjobs:

  • The position may not specifically list whether or not it is available to Commissioned Corps officers.
  • To verify whether or not an officer is eligible to apply for a specific job announcement, use the “Agency Contact Info” listed within the individual vacancy posting. Before looking for positions candidates are encouraged to explore the websites of the agencies that the Commissioned Corps serve to get a better understanding of the type of work each does.
  • A Commissioned Corps officer can be hired even if the position is not announced, provided the hiring official requests that the officer be assigned to duty with the program.

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Can a Commissioned Corps officer fill a position if it is advertised as a civil servant position?
If the position is within the agencies served by the Commissioned Corps and the education level required is commensurate with the educational standards required to be a Corps officer, it is usually open to qualified officers unless specifically stated otherwise.

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How does the civil service schedule compare to Commissioned Corps officer grades?
When exploring positions listed on USAjobs, it is important to understand that they are graded according to the civil service schedule. Use the below conversion chart for General Schedule (GS) level to Commissioned Corps officer grade (rank). This chart is approximate, conversion may differ between agencies.

Rank Abbreviation Grade GS Equivalent
Lieutenant Junior Grade LTJG O-2 GS - 9
Lieutenant LT O-3 GS - 11
Lieutenant Commander LCDR O-4 GS - 12
Commander CDR O-5 GS - 13
Captain CAPT O-6 GS - 14/15

Additional notes:

  • The minimum rank for a college graduate at the bachelor’s degree level is LTJG (O-2).
  • It is possible to hold a position graded for a rank other than yours. For example a LT (O-3) can fill a position that is graded for a LCDR (O-4)/GS-12. Keep in mind that your pay is determined by the rank that you hold, not the rank/grade of the position. So the LT (O-3) filling a LCDR (O-4)/GS-12 position would be paid as a LT (O-3), not as a LCDR (O-4).

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Page Last Modified on 2/3/2014