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CDR Elizabeth Davlantes

December 2023 Officer Spotlight

CDR Elizabeth Davlantes is a medical officer at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). She is currently the deputy branch chief for the Waterborne Disease Prevention Branch.   She supports public health jurisdictions domestically and internationally responding to waterborne disease outbreaks (from cholera to harmful algal blooms), ensuring access to safe water.

CDR Davlantes commissioned with the U.S. Public Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps in 2016 through the CDC Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS) - a 2-year fellowship in applied epidemiology. Although she was not familiar with the USPHS Commissioned Corps before being selected for EIS, the USPHS Commissioned Corps’ emphasis on public service, particularly for vulnerable populations and during emergency responses, inspired her to commission. CDR Davlantes remarks: “I am honored to promote better health for my fellow human beings, both at home and abroad, and to do so alongside a cadre of Public Health Service officers with equal passion.”

CDR Davlantes feels fortunate to have had diverse experiences as a Public Health Service officer. She has helped reduce the burden of malaria and polio

CDR Davlantes is a voting member of the Physician Professional Advisory Committee and is the lead of the USPHS Commissioned Corps delegation to the American Medical Association (AMA). The AMA is the nation’s largest physician organization and plays a major role in shaping health policy in our nation. The USPHS Commissioned Corps delegation advises AMA leadership through subject matter expert commentary on proposed AMA policies and priorities. Per CDR Davlantes: “USPHS Commissioned Corps physicians’ participation in AMA activities showcases our service’s expertise in public health matters to national physician leaders. AMA leaders regularly defer to our recommendations, affecting the practice of >985,000 physicians and the care of >323 million patients.”

CDR Davlantes is proud to be part of the USPHS Commissioned Corps, whose Public Health Service officers perform impactful work in diverse areas. She states, “Public Health Service officers care for vulnerable populations all over the world. They also work to develop and authorize lifesaving treatments for countless illnesses.” CDR Davlantes is grateful to be part of a dynamic team of Public Health Service officers who strive every day to improve the lives of the populations they serve.

Her compassion is strong, and she reinforces her conviction by stating, “We protect the public all over the world from diseases they may not be aware of.” CDR Davlantes optimistically continues, “Remember that it is a rare privilege to go to work every day to save lives!”

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