Signing Bonus for Nurses

Nurse Officer

The U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps offers a new $25,000 accession bonus for nurses who sign a 4-year active-duty agreement. For nurses who sign a 3-year active-duty agreement, the Corps offers an accession bonus of $20,000. Newly commissioned nurses who are called to active duty (CAD) on or after February 19, 2008, may be eligible for the bonus.

The U.S. Public Health Service also understands the financial burden of nursing school and, in coordination with certain Federal agencies, may offer loan repayment and other educational and family support programs, in addition to the accession bonus. Corps officers who already receive long-term scholarships, including SRCOSTEPs, will not be eligible for the accession bonus. In addition, applicants to the Corps with prior active-duty service as a nurse officer in one of the Uniformed Services, or as a nurse officer in the Corps, must have been discharged from active duty at least 24 months prior to the execution of the written agreement for a Nurse Accession Bonus.

Commissioned Corps benefits are generous. They include: health care and dental care at no cost, malpractice insurance coverage, paid sick leave, paid maternity leave, paid Federal holidays, thirty days of paid vacation per year beginning the first year and more!

The new accession bonus demonstrates why the Commissioned Corps is the hottest career choice for the Nation's best nurses! If you are a nursing student or nurse interested in the Corps, take the next step! E-mail us. E-mail your questions or call us at 800-279-1605.

Page Last Modified on 2/3/2014