Employer Spotlight: the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)

FDA Campus in Silver Spring MD

FDA campus at White Oak in Silver Spring, MD

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has launched a multiyear hiring initiative offering health professionals the opportunity to join the highly skilled and internationally respected work force at their state-of-the-art facilities in the Rockville/Silver Spring, MD, area. The FDA employs more than 10,000 people who work all around the country. Founded when Congress passed the Food and Drugs Act of 1906, the FDA is one of the Nation's oldest and most respected consumer protection agencies. A career with the FDA offers exciting professional opportunities and rewards.

Commissioned Corps Officers Already At Work in the FDA

Rear Admiral Paul Seligman serves in the FDA as the associate director for Safety Policy and Communication at the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research. The FDA regulates approximately 25 percent of the Nation's commerce, having an extraordinary impact at both national and international levels. RADM Seligman provides direction to the Center's Drug Safety Oversight Board and MedWatch, the FDA safety information and adverse event reporting program. According to RADM Seligman, "No drug is 100 percent safe. Every medication has a potential side effect or potential for causing a more serious health problem. Science-based, efficient risk management allows the FDA to provide the most health promotion and protection at the least cost to the public. The FDA reviews data to assess the risks and benefits of drugs before and while they are on the market."

Lieutenant Commander Brian Cronenwett is currently an FDA consumer safety officer and investigator in Springfield, MO. He inspects large-volume facilities manufacturing infant formula, low-acid canned foods, and aseptically-packaged beverages to ensure that these products meet safety standards for public consumption. LCDR Cronenwett notes that, "Most people are quite surprised to find a registered nurse working for the FDA in consumer safety. Actually, this job is very well suited to health care workers, especially nurses, because it requires a person to pay attention to detail. That is exactly what a good professional nurse does every day."

Lieutenant Commander Connie Jung worked as a civilian government employee for the FDA. She joined the Corps after learning about the benefits and opportunities to work in offices across many government agencies. After her commission, LCDR Jung stayed on with the FDA as a regulatory review officer and is currently stationed in Rockville, MD. LCDR Jung's current position allows her to apply her education and experience towards ensuring that the American public has access to safe and effective, low-cost generic drug products-a role she sees as vital to improving the public health of the country. LCDR Jung states, "I learned that I am part of a special group of clinicians and researchers that are strongly dedicated to promoting public health."